Monday, June 28, 2010

In the Life...

i know i have said it before, and i am sure i will say it again, but i live with a dare devil. at 18 months he was riding a razor...and not just on the patio, but to the park & around the concrete curbing in our backyard. yes, he would ride it along a 4 inch strip of concrete...and he thought of that all on his own.

and frankly, we love to see what he comes up with next, because it is always way cooler than what we'd think of.

last week, at 3 years old, we progressed to flips on the trampoline...we'd been doing somersaults for quite some time. each time he'd launch himself around, i'd let out a squeak of panic. i have the video to prove it. try as i might to stay cool, calm & collected through his antics, it just wasn't happening that day. the initial flips looked like he was plummeting head first into the trampoline, but each time at the very last nanosecond he'd flip it over.


for the most part we manage to stay injury free. amazingly.

but yesterday? well yesterday he hit a concrete planter, while zooming downhill on his razor.
the result. after 45 minutes of 'rest' and some good tears he was back at it with a smile on his face.

what's not to love life about with a dare devil?

although, we will be hitting up target for some is pretty gnarly.


Dallas and Krista said...

That boy is one who actually NEEDS to wear his helmet. Love him. Love you.

Chante said...

Um....what is up with him wearing a jacket in AZ in the summer?

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