Sunday, March 4, 2012

Baby Shower Invites - Alice in Wonderland

Have you met my sister?  If not, let me tell you that she is the party planning extraordinaire.  Really. And sometimes I am right there with her...plotting, planning & ensuring that whatever the event is, it is the cutest, most clever party to delight your senses.

This time?  I was kind of a grouch.  What can I say?  I've been sick for too long & it was starting to cloud my party planning judgement.

And so, I did the invites for her & a couple tags & then left her to her craziness.  But then, Saturday rolled around, my prescriptions had started to kick in & I was calling to see what needed to be done & spent the afternoon admiring & putting the finishing touches on this baby shower...oddly enough my mom, my aunt {visiting from out of town} & SIL all showed up to do the same.  Guess it runs in the family.  Although, you should know...she is surrounded by some seriously talented friends!

A few iphone pics to give you a taste:
Loved the cake...made by Mandy.  

The food table...without any of the food set out yet!  When I saw her friend's unloading these old doors I could only shake my head...the things she comes up with!  Her husband was drilling the hinges together & they may have been some of the heaviest doors I've ever watched someone else lift. And I'm not sure where the red table cloth came from, but I'm in love with it.

The table with the Wonderland banner {made by Angie}...and check out the chandelier & banners in the background.  And while you're at it, say hello to my mom!

Another view of the table.  We did over 100 invites for this shin-dig & so my sister had it on the greenbelt right in front of her house.  In the back there are mismatched couches & benches with quilts laid out on the grass.

It was the perfect day for the perfect shower & I hear it was a blast.

Well done Linds.

Invites can be found here.

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