Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Custom Wedding Invites

This wedding seems like it took place ages ago, but in reality it was just this past fall.  I did this wedding when I was in the haze of morning sickness {read all day sickness} & other than my kids it was the only thing on my radar at the time.  As in, I didn't care if one thing got accomplished so long as my kids were alive & these invites were done right.

Thankfully, we all survived!  Onto the festivities!

Jessica, the bride, is another girl I used to babysit.  I can't believe I'm old enough to say that {or to have almost 3 kids under my belt}.  But, alas, here I am.  I love both her & her mom -- they are some of my favorite people & I have to say, doing their wedding invite was such a treat.  Pam, the mother-of-the bride would crack me up at every turn & it really made those 'sick' days somewhat enjoyable!

And now for more pics...

So you can better visualize, the invitation measures 8.5"x.5.5"or a half sheet of paper.  We had a belly band holding together all the pages of the invitation, which we then tied with ribbon & a tag that was date stamped.  The first page simply had their names.
Once you removed the belly band, each page was separate.  We stacked them with the announcement on top, then the directions {see below} and then the page with their picture.  Instead of putting tissue paper over the picture, like the old school invites, we used a round gold doily.  The invite was mailed in a pearl chocolate brown envelope {shown behind}.  Instead of printing the return address we had a calligraphy stamp made {see previous post} & stamped the back of each envelope in gold ink.

I basically loved everything about it! 

To see her bridal shower invitation, go here.

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