Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Gripe.

I try not to gripe on here...oh wait, no I don't. But before I begin, I will state that I have a lovely life & realize that in the big scheme of things this matters not.

This week my favorite pair of Reef flip flops broke. yes. broke. I have had them over 2 years & have probably worn them every. single. day. They are my 'around the house' shoes as I always have to have shoes {and not just any that support} on because I have high arches & walking barefoot on tile for any length of time leads to much discomfort in my feet & legs. soo, i have a little love affair with reef flip flops. I have another pair that I have had about 4 years & they have been worn to the bone...they are my other 'go to' pair.

So it is time to replace. Which means shopping, which should not be classified as a gripe.

But I wear a size 5 shoe.

Everyone I know, much to their chagrin, has had their feet get bigger permanently from being pregnant. I had high hopes that mine would do the same. That would mean I could shop 'normal' places to find my know like Dillard's, Macy's, Aldo...I don't know, anywhere that sells shoes.

And don't think I am being dramatic, because as you well know, I have that in me.

Size 5 shoes are no where to be found. no. where.

And frankly it burns my britches.

Dillard's for example does not carry size 5 in womens or in kids. They just skip it all together. Does that make any sense to you? Yeah, I have yelled at a salesmen or two over it.

So now that I need to replace my reefs I am left searching for somewhere or someone that carries size 5.

Which narrows me down to Nordstrom.

Which really isn't so bad after all.

But still. It kind of bugs.


Heidi said...

Sorry, Amy, but I just bought a size 5 sandal at Dillard's yesterday. The Walking Company carries European sizes and has lots of sandals. I bought some--37(size 5)--there, too.

Natalie said...

that really does bite. i am just realizing this whole "skipping shoe size" thing the stores try to pull on us. brigham is exactly in between boys and mens sizes, therefore they decide to not carry ANY. like boys jump from size 6 to 8 naturally? i don't think so.

good luck.

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