Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Recommendation or Two.

Summer time is snack time. It seems when I am traveling {okay & when I am not too} I am always looking for a good snack. I am more for salty than sweet, so when I find a good chip I am a happy camper. This summer, I've found, not just one, but two. And here they are:::
First the Kettle Cooked BBQ. You can't beat a good bbq chip & this one wins. While in newport I think we went through a bag a day with ease. I started banning the kiddies from eating them! haha.
and the Baked Ruffle. These are about 1 million times better than the original. Not greasy. Very crispy. Pair them with an onion or ranch dip {and a diet coke please} and I am in hog heaven, because naturally I eat them like a hog.

head out & make your purchases & thank me later.


Julie said...

Yeah, Newport has me hooked on a couple things--pickles, sweedish fish, etc. This BBQ chips are looking might fine right now too!

Julie said...

I've also been craving guac since Scot made his in Newport. I need to hire him to give me a weekly supply.

Debbie said...

You are a hog!!!! Hmmmm are you fitting into those jeans anymore???

Amy said...

thanks mom...i am on a crash diet now to fit back into my skinny jeans. eek. too much fun this summer.

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