Saturday, August 14, 2010

Back to School Camping Trip

As is tradition on my side of the fam the kids & dads took one last camping trip before school started. As is tradition, the wives packed & planned & then sent them on their ways. As is tradition, the wives {and babies} got together to work on 'projects' but really just ate too many treats & watched too much late night tv.

Speaking of which...have you ever seen the show, 'your chance to dance?' I will assume not, but it was on after 11pm & I don't think I have laughed that hard in a long time. Get your tivo set, grab your husband, pop some popcorn & laugh your guts out.

And now, back to camping. Seeing as I wasn't there, this is all hear say, but I have several good sources.

Soo, the recap.

After the recent news story about the 2 year old that walked out of his tent in the middle of the night {so incredibly sad}, Scot had strategic plans to make sure Scoobs was safe. And while I appreciate all his efforts, my sister and I had to laugh a little. He was equipped with a little lock to close the zippers & he, my dad & brother placed their bedrolls in front of the entrance of the tent to prevent Scoobs from escaping. My sister & I decided this was the difference between men & women. Women wake sleep like zombies. As my sister likes to say, if there was ever an intruder she'd have 15 minutes of hand to hand combat before her husband woke up.

And while they had great plans for sleeping, I hear there was very little actual sleep. One cousin woke up after midnight with a headache & spent the rest of the night asleep out by the fire in her camp chair while her dad slept on the dirt. Again...why? men vs women. My solution? Here's some tylenol, now go to sleep. But whatevs.

Then another cousin decided 4 am was a good wake up time, which made all the other cousins think that was a good wake up time. I think her dad was ready to kill her...she is a watch wearing girl...why not check the time?!? haha.

Oh and as for Scoobs. He made it through the night, but was quite a tired little pistol the next day.

Good thing they found some water...and a rope swing.

They came home tired & dirty & full of 'camping' stories that included orange bugs & hammocks between trees.

So we will skip the sleep troubles & go ahead and call this one a success.

until next year.


Julie said...

Sweet pics. I forgot to send the camera with Ryan. Send me the pics you have, please.

P.S. I tried to explain "your chance to dance" to Ryan but its one of those "you just have to see it for yourself."

P.P.S. RIley said the cousin who woke up shortly after midnight was the one who came into the tent at four and asked anyone if they were cold, hence waking up the crew. . .

Amy said...

haha...and the plot thickens! The pics I have aren't great, but I will send them your way. Scot took some video too...and there was a near AFV entry, but alas, no injury resulted & therefore, it isn't funny.

I am going to set my tivo asap for 'your chance to dance.'

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