Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Ramblings...SYTYCD Edition.

Let's start with SYTYCD...I am assuming you watched it?

A few things from the finale show...

What was Mandy Moore thinking when she choreographed Kent & Lauren's number? I mean really, it's hip to be square was the best she could come up with? I was hoping for another 'prom' number & instead I got that. yuck.

And speaking of Kent & Lauren...are they not the cutest things ever??? Really. I was re-watching the prom dance on YouTube following the Mandy Moore flop {just to make sure I wasn't remembering it better than it really was...and nope, I wasn' was that good.} and Scoobs came in & sat on my lap & promptly asked, 'mom, is that you?'

Aww. That is why you have kids. So they can make you feel great about yourself. Sadly, I had to inform him that no, indeed it was not me. But it did make me think I wish I had an ounce of LoFro in me { and, okay, that I was 18 again & dancing with Kent {faces & all}}.

Moving on from the two lovebirds, that may or may not actually be lovebirds, but I like to think perhaps they are {which is what bugs so much about Mandy Moore...hello! Play off that!!!}

Mia Michaels.

Raise your hand if you like her shoulder tattoo?

Yeah. Me neither. yuck.

Maybe it is something totally cool & meaningful, but from my living room couch I can't figure out what the heck it is, other than completely unfeminine. Remember when she was funky cool?

Probably not after looking at her all is a refresher.
This year she has been funky eww. What is with all the furry/hairy outfits? The off-the-shoulder ugly tattoo bearing tops and some nights I have been wondering if she could fit one more bobby pin into her hair?

I think not.

Other than that, she's awesome. Let's hope next year she can channel Cat Deely instead of cousin Itt...or whatever overly hairy creature you can conjure up.

And now, the results show.

All I am really wondering is why they didn't have Kent & Lauren do the prom dance after they had Robert eliminated. It would have had me all twitterpated.

and that's all.

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