Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Islamic Center.

In case you hadn't heard {where have you been?} there are plans for an Islamic Center to be built within the shadows of Ground Zero.

and in case you hadn't heard {again, where are you?} people are lining up to take sides

and here I am taking my place in line.

I've gone back & forth to some degree. At first, I was kind of ticked. Like really? Is that necessary?

But then I backed off that position, because part of what makes America great is that they CAN do that.

But still?

It bugs.

So why? Why am I bothered by it? Why do I wish they would build their center elsewhere?

And I think I've come to the conclusion.

It's been said that they {and by they, I mean the leaders, parishioners, etc of the Islamic Center} are building it to build understanding & acceptance. And while I think those are both very worthwhile reasons & I think they are sincere. I think they are going about it wrong.

Part of building understanding & tolerance is being sensitive to those that have very valid fears that were developed through tragic & life-altering events. And while I understand that those involved in building the Islamic Center were not involved in the attacks, their faith is still associated with them, whether that association is right or wrong. So instead of building in the shadows of Ground Zero, why not somewhere else? Why pick such a hot spot of controversy? Why not build bridges of understanding by helping to support those who lost so much through those attacks? Why that site?

I fully understand their right to build it & I support that right wholeheartedly. But if it were me making the decision as the leader of the Islamic Center, I would choose otherwise. I would recognize that choosing that site would lead to a firestorm & I would avoid it. I would choose elsewhere.

And by choosing elsewhere I would hope that people noticed my sincerity to protect Ground Zero as hallowed ground to those who lost so much. And by that, I would hope bridges would be built.

But I guess it's not up to me.

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Julie said...

I'm kinda like you. I've gone back and forth. My thought. . . anything ground zero related is going to be sensitive. So play it conservative, drop the plans, and just keep everyone happy.

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