Sunday, September 12, 2010

Found. On a Freeway Near You.

Remember my post about Scoobs standing up in his booster seat? I told him to sit down because if we got in a crash he'd go flying? Not 1 minute after that conversation I thought my car was pulling awfully hard to one side. Then I thought I heard a helicopter overhead. Two sure signs that you have a flat tire while driving fast.

So I pulled over. 2 kids. Big car. Flat tire...and worst of all I was in my white shorts.


Good thing was I happened to pull over under an overpass. You know our summers are real hot & real sunny. A very good thing.

Next good thing, that turned into a bad thing. There was a landscape maintenance truck parked not 100 feet behind me. Surely the nice gentlemen would help this damsel in distress.

{See post below to envision my womanly techniques.}

I got out of the car, opened my trunk, hauled out the stroller & started getting out the tools required to change the tire.

And what is really funny? At one point in my life I really would have thought that I was, in fact, going to change that tire. Little, tiny me with the itty-bitty jack supplied for that big big car.

Go ahead & laugh now, because it is funny.

But this time, I thought surely the landscape man would come to the rescue. 3 minutes of puttering around like I knew what I was doing. Then another 2 calling my mom, who was at my sisters, who had a husband for rent and the landscaper man had turned his hazard lights on not to help me but to safely merge back onto the freeway. Leaving me, my 2 kids & my big, flat tire in the dust.

This is about the time the witch with a captial B came out. I called Scot to tell him all about it. Then I waited while my rental husband came to my rescue.

and used my womanly techniques to show my appreciation.

by shouting for joy that I would not have to change this one. That my kids were picked up safely & not sitting on the side of the road. {yes, my mom was snapping pics, and aren't you glad?}

And then I argued with my rental husband over which way was clockwise. He tried. Put up a good fight, but I indeed was right. And just when I was ready to fire my rental husband, as he tried to sneak turning it counter clockwise while I was chatting on the phone a DPS officer came to the rescue. It wasn't the officer's first rodeo with a Tahoe, as it was ours, he knew all the ins & outs & with his monster jack, he really made rental husband shine.

And for the record, rental husband is great. This is the THIRD tire of mine he has changed on the side of the road. Maybe current husband needs to take note.

And for next time, I put the DPS officer's number in my phone.

Hopefully I won't have to use it.

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Summers Camp said...

Wasn't this when I saw you last? I mean, not on the Freeway. But that outfit looks dang familiar... yay for rental husbands! *B

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