Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Yesterday was an ordinary day. And by ordinary I mean I went to the gym, made pancakes, handed out 73 different 'snacks', vacuumed 4 rooms, washed 2 windows, hung some pictures, drank a Diet Coke, pulled The Lady from the top of the kitchen table 29 times, picked up a myriad of silly bandz, built 3 tents, talked to Scot 4 different times for 1 minute each, read Pinkalicious 5 times, pushed kids on the swings, took a 15 minute power nap that was interrupted 3 times, loaded & unloaded the dishwasher, etc, etc, etc, fell into bed at 10:30.

I am sure your day looks about the same and just thinking about it makes me tired. I can't hardly think straight there is so much going.

That is where we are at right now, my days are tiring. Two kids who both need full time care. The oldest not quite old enough to be much help & the youngest, well she is more than a full time job alone. My mom was here yesterday & after watching me dole out 5 snacks, pull The Lady from the table & watch her hang on my legs, begging & moaning to be lifted up or another snack she quipped, 'man, she is just at you all the time.'

Yes. Yes indeed she is. And has been for the last 16 months. So yes, tiring it is.

But in between all that tired?

There were great moments.

On of the Lady's climbing escapades she found my ipod & figured out how to get a song on & blaring through the house...my favorite one no less. Then she stood on the chair she wasn't supposed to be standing on & danced her little heart out.

What's not to love?

And after reading Pinkilicious twice, I found Scoobs curled up on the couch with his blanket reading aloud his own version of Pinkilicious. Voices & all. I love it.

But when I am asked the question, 'what are you doing today?' I usually reply nothing...with a feeling of lameness. We usually don't have big plans. We usually don't have a tight schedule {except for naps!}. We usually fly by the seats of our pants. And franky, sometimes we are just making up stuff to do to keep us all busy & happy!

But I assure you we are not doing nothing. We are doing a lot of somethings. A lot of little ordinary things when all mished mashed up makes for a lot of great.

Onto another 'ordinary' day.


Natalie said...


and isn't it funny how that's our divine role right now? simple, yet divine by design.

Amberly said...

you have an amazing ordinary life. i do too. we're lucky.

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