Monday, October 4, 2010

Dying I tell you...Dying.

over how stinking cute these are. i even hesitated telling you all. instead i was going to keep them all to myself & let mine show up in your mail box & wow you. really i was. because i am selfish like that & always have high aspirations of having my own card be the 'cutest' but in reality by the time i get to mine, i am too tired to be the cutest so you get leftovers. so instead of being selfish, i am working to get some designs squared away for these cards so that they are available for everyone this Christmas {only 3 months away! can you believe it?}.

pricing & details to come, but if you need your pics done, get cracking. you know who to call.


Ashlee said...

Did you design these? I am assuming yes, but you didn't brag enough for me to be certain....

Amy said...

haha Ashlee, i love it! i actually did not design these. they are the samples the printer sends of their product. super cute though, huh?

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