Sunday, October 3, 2010

girly girls.

can i say i never wanted a girly girl? can we just get that out in the open with out any offense? i'd rather sit through ball games than dance recitals. i'd rather play soccer than dress ups. in fact, i'd rather have a nerf war than play barbie. frankly, i like the boy things...a lot. but what isn't to love about this? man alive she was all over this like white on rice.

dress we come.

i hear the plastic dress up shoes can be hazardous. my sister & sis-in-law have suffered severe foot injuries when they step on your barefoot in the click-clacky beasts so we will not be doing those until she is old enough to know i have deprived her.

by they way, i am starting my christmas lists...any must have items you are thinking of?


Natalie said...


dear santa, can i please get all of my high school yearbooks re-purchased to replace my originals that got ruined in the hurricane?

love, me

**dress ups are good amy. don't be intimidated by femininity.

Amy said...

I definitely WANT the doubt there. What I don't want is the diva.

and I just found my senior year yearbook after 5 years of missing it...seriously, I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. so sad yours are gone!

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