Saturday, October 9, 2010

I am Happiest

here. in the throws of life.

even though some nights i might tell you i am happiest at bedtime, that is not true. i am happiest in all the tiring moments that make bed time so dang rewarding.

i am happiest on an early morning run. my ipod going, my lungs burning & my legs pushing just one more block.

i am happiest in my yard. today we planted flowers. 36 of them to be exact. and while i was sweaty & very dirty {a 3 year old makes this doubly dirty} there is not one other place i'd rather have been.

i am happiest on date night. dinner. a movie. & the original scoobs. okay, and some popcorn & a diet coke. happy.

i am happiest helping others. one day this week i literally had 8 kids at my house, all cousins, all on different schedules, all coming & going & it was so fun. my house was a mess, but my kids were in heaven. and it didn't hurt that is was pour pour pouring rain outside.

sometimes i think there are other things & places that would be more 'fun.' careers, travels, extravagance & free time but those are just fleeting moments when life is happening right here, right now.

so while i am sitting here in a state others might think unglamorous...unshowered, hair in a pony tail, glasses on & in my grubbies...i am so very happy about it.

1 comment:

Amberly said...

me too. we are lucky.

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