Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just for Laughs.

So a couple nights ago found me sitting in front of Sonic enjoying a Powerade slush with my entire family. Husband, kids, mother, father, siblings, nieces, nephews...all of them, with the exception of sister who was taking holiday pics. The conversation turned to weddings.

Two very funny things came up. First, my sister-in-law shared how her & my brother went to Chili's for lunch after their ceremony.


Now some of you may be confused, but in the Mormon culture you typically get married in the daytime at the temple & then that night you have your reception where everyone comes to celebrate with you. So in between a myriad of things can occur...yes a myriad, including it.

They, however, went to Chili's. I asked if they had a reservation, but turns out it was just close by the Portland Temple where they got married. She continued to say it was incredibly awkward, because, hi, they had just been getting married 5 minutes ago. So there they sat. Married. Wanting to let the waitress in on their big day, but realizing they looked like idiots sitting at Chili's on their wedding day. And supposedly my brother had a mild panic attack & buried his face in his hands muttering, "oh my gosh." How comforting for his new wife.


And while theirs is funny & I took ample jabs at their choice of activity...mine might be worse.

First, I was late to my wedding ceremony because my mom & I stopped at Sonic to get a Diet Coke. What was the point of that? Not sure, but we sure thought we were clever...until it made us late, of course.

Then, I got married. Said 'I do' at all the right places, took a few pics with the new husband & family & then left the same way I came...with my mom.

Yes, that is right. I left the temple right after my wedding ceremony with my mom. Not my husband. My mom. And frankly, I have no idea where Scot was, or where he went, but I was at home with my mom {and dad} until our reception started that night.

It was kind of like a lunch date with my mom, where we invited this other guy to come along...except I married that guy instead of eating lunch {at chili's, if you will}.

And frankly, it explains a lot & puts Scot in 'saint-hood' category, but I certainly did not want to be an in-betweener, doing it between the two. So I took ample measure to ensure it wasn't happening then.


Brooke Morgan said...
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Rees Family said...

What a great post. Had me laughing out loud. On our big day, we, along with all of our guests, were stuck in LA traffic heading back to Pasadena for the reception. No worries. I had a giant Diet coke and cookies to help pass the time. It was actually quite nice to have a couple of hours to ourselves, no hanky panky, but yummy treats before having to indulge my mother with a nasty sit-down dinner in which I snuck food from the kid's table.

Ali said...

haha. that really is funny. it's always interesting to hear what people do do, and don't do, during that oh so awkward time after the temple and before the reception. plus, do you really want to show up at the reception looking all "guilty"? not me. but this one! the leaving with your mom one?! this one I've never heard. haha. poor scot. but where DID he go??

Natalie said...

DYING...DYING right now! yes your story beats the chili's story, HANDS DOWN! oh cheeks are hurting from laughing at you...yes, AT you! and your mom too!

Summers Camp said...

Too funny. I still remember all the newlywed advice ;) Our receptions were a week, or two, after the big day. But then again, I was married in a different state than either of them... *B

bryn said...

This post is hilarious. Chili's, I mean really? That is humor and you just hanging at the house with your parents - that is somehow more hilarious. Awesome post.

Jenna Lee said...

you make me laugh soooo hard.....and what the heck you are not suppose to leave with your mom Amy!! Pooor Scott was probably like what did i just do...I think i just got married!!

clarke fam said...
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clarke fam said...

I can't remeber the last time I laughed so hard. Honestly, Scott is a saint for the fact that you posted that!!!

Julie said...

I'm just now reading this. You're a dork!

Dallas and Krista said...

You are such a freakin dork! I LOVE you!

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