Monday, October 18, 2010

The Weekend in Photos

most weekends we have 'crazy' plans. okay not really, but usually something is on the calendar...a birthday party, a babysitter scheduled, a baby know, something. But this weekend...there was nothing. not even a lawn to be mowed with our winter seed still gestating. and given our empty slates, i even skipped major household cleaning, just cause & it was oh so very nice.

so instead we...
stayed up late friday night working on halloween costumes & watching an america's next top model marathon...the show watching was a mistake...i was so tired the next day. i have 1 week from today to have all costumes complete. eek.

then we planted a new tree in our backyard. i'm really glad i didn't decide to tackle this project by myself. it was hot & it required a big hole. so i happily let scot demonstrate his manhood & stayed inside...nice & cool. i love when he actually 'does' my idea & i just get to enjoy the finished product...shade on the patio. wahoo.

after all that hard work, we did date night with the kiddos...dinner at the farm. it was delish & the weather cooperated so very nicely. the lady, as you can see, got a little camera shy...not sure where that came from...obviously, not me. sunday we capped the weekend off, by heading over to the new temple site to have our family picture taken. i think we will try to do that once a month as it is being built. we are so very excited to have a new temple in our backyard...the lady is especially excited...can you tell?

stay tuned...coming soon::: halloween cupcake toppers for you!

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Natalie said...

let the halloween sewing begin, eh? you boyers and homemade costumes! i'm tellin' ya....i could never keep up with you girls.

and where have you been at 5:15am missy??? hmmm? rpm was lonely this morning. did you not likey so much? what about pump tomorrow?

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