Sunday, December 5, 2010

On Growing Up.

I am supposed to be at church right now. But instead I am here. Playing hookie. At my computer. Not working on cards, just being here & it feels good. I am puttering around my house in the quiet with no one making demands. Being lazy & enjoying the Christmas music & candles.

Tidying up as I putter found me in Scoobs room & suddenly it dawned on me that he is a little boy now. Not one ounce of baby in him...okay he still sleeps with his rag tag dog at night {which I love...look for it on your Christmas card from's in there} but there is no other trace of baby in that room. It is all boy now & it leaves me wondering how I have a boy & not a baby?

My proof you ask? Things like his 'stash box' which is where he hides all his 'special' things from his sister. You'll see plenty of sillybandz, a suction ball he picked from the treasure box at preschool, a Shrek watch he got in a happy meal {and has worn to sleep many a nights} & a beaded necklace he got from the fishing pond at a Halloween party. Special indeed.

It broke my heart a little...seeing it all laid out in front of me.

I moved from thinking about tidying that 'stash box' {decided to leave well enough alone} to his bed. I figured I'd at least make that for the day when I was faced with this:
the Phoenix Suns blanket. He has been sleeping with this blanket in addition to what he has because he gets cold at night. Call me crazy but it might be the fact that he insists on sleeping in basketball shorts with no socks & a t-shirt {which I sorta love too}. So the blanket. It kind of drives me crazy. It doesn't match. It doesn't get folded & it always looks a mess. But this blanket? It was mine. I got it for Christmas in about 5th grade...when I was about 10 years old. And I loved it. So much so I wrote my name on the tag...

that and my best friend had one too & we didn't want them to get mixed up. It makes me laugh thinking of all the sleepovers this blanket accompanied me on, vacations & jumps on the trampoline at night. I used to spread it over my own bed {the cute comforter underneath} in a shrine to Kevin Johnson, Charles Barkley & Dan Majerle, whose posters framed my bed. And now. Now it is spread on his bed, driving me bonkers & I can't believe he is closer in age to that girl that opened this blanket on Christmas morning than I am.

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