Wednesday, December 15, 2010


'Noel' versions 2 and 3...
I am loving how version 2 turned out with the blue & red. Tammy was a smarty pants & figured out that if I designed her card to Costco's specifications, she could get their Photo Card printing rates. Who knew that existed?!? Not me. But she got hers in groups of 50 WITH envelopes for $14.99. Now that is a bargain! And while I can't guarantee my color with Costco printing, that deal is one that is hard to pass up. I am thinking of revamping that for next year for all you photo carders...what do you think?!?

and version 3...most like the original, but with some green accents.

picture credits all go to Lindsey Bennett Photography. I'm sure you are shocked.

coming up...some favs...a classic & some shabby chic.

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Amanda said...

Costco has their printer profiles on their website:

a link is at the bottom of the page.

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