Thursday, December 2, 2010

We Were {are} Thankful.

My last post was entitled 'December' which means I missed November entirely here, which isn't the case in real life.

We were & are very thankful.
Our Thankful tree kicked off the month of November & this year we had lots of thankfuls from lots of people. My fam was here the night we started it, so we have thankfuls from them & Scot's fam joined us via iChat, so we have thankfuls from them too. Loving this tree year by year. Although, I think the 'day before Thanksgiving' family picture shot needs to be rescheduled...because I looked like this in last year picture too. A day of sweats & cooking the day before the day. whatevs. We're thankful for that too...among other things:
skinny jeans on the lady. seriously?!? Do skinny jeans come any cuter? Come Christmas, she'll have some black ugg boots to go over them {and no, they are not the real deal...she's not even uggs for her.}
Cousins...near & far.
Turkey Hunting
I might have enjoyed this too much.
...or maybe not. Safe to say, it was a hit for young & old alike...until someone got a dart in the eye.
A fabulous turkey...really. It was absolutely delicious, but I still ate 4 times as many of Julie's au gratin potatoes compared to the turkey. Who wants turkey when you have all the sides?
and we can't forget Black Friday, which started in the wee hours of morning. This pic is after TEN hours of shopping...can you see it on our faces? Needless to say, we were ready to drop dead.

And now we can move to December.

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