Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fruits of Our Labors

I am using the words, 'our' very liberally, as really, I'm not included in any of the labor of this little photo shoot.  So really, I should say the fruits of Lindsey & my mom's labor, but that doesn't have quite the same ring.  No?

Anyway...Kevin.  Senior Year.  In Photos.

 Are you loving the purple shirt?  I am.  And I should mention that I tried to veto that shirt saying it was too girly, but, as always, my mom was right.  Put that purple shirt on the gray's love.  You should also know that I am probably doing something completely idiotic behind the camera right now to get Kevin to smile 'naturally.'  And you should also know that my sister probably opened up his eyes a bit in photoshop.  Really, what did we do before photoshop???  Oh yes, I know...we had ugly pictures!

Love them.  Love Kev-Dawg.  And am going to be real sad when he goes away to college & has his own life that is infinitely cooler than mine.  boo.

For more delightful pics...


Amberly said...

love the purple shirt the best. love the guitar pics. they turned out great! can't wait to see what wonder announcements you create with them!

Aidan Donnelley Rowley @ Ivy League Insecurities said...

Wonderful photos. Wonderful smile :)

shawni said...

Amy, first of all...I love these shots! Makes me want to do photography again. Anyway, I don't have your e-mail so I figured this is the best way to reach you...I want to get some bookmarks. Do you still have those ones you offered me ages ago or do i need to order more of them?

Summers Camp said...

Oh Kev... also, I think you're pretty dang versatile. Which is why I've left you an award on my blog ;) Check it out, yo! *B

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