Monday, February 14, 2011

Today @ Redbox

I went to use a 'free' valentine promo code.  Rented 2 movies, when I wasn't planning on renting ANY and forgot completely to use the promo code.  bug. bug. bug.  It is only a $1, but why does that bug so bad?  Probably because I spent $2 & will spend another $6 in late fees, when in reality it should have been 'free' and I don't even care one whip about the movies we rented.

But that isn't the real kicker.  As I was standing there, perusing my options a gentlemen in some sort of construction industry walks by & comments, "Boy, I wish I could stay home all day & watch movies."

Seriously?  I wanted to smack him.  And then I wanted to ask him if he wanted to clean up the throw up that has seized my home the last 5 days as well.  And do all the laundry that goes with it, and sanitize every surface.  Or if he wanted to be woken up 15 times at night by one or both children in sick convulsions...while he felt like crap himself.

Really?  Watch movies all day...I wish I could do that too buddy.

And on that note...Happy Valentine's Day from my sick house to your hopefully very healthy house! worries, we really are over the worst of it...just some lingering coughs & colds...but the laundry I tell ya...INSANE!


Liberty said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean!! Nothing frustrates me more than when I actually take the time to do the coupon thing and then forget about them (especially when it wasn't something I planned on getting to begin with).

I think our houses are friends... my 2 year old woke up in a pile of vomit yesterday morning. Fun times to be had by all. I'm waiting for the next kid to get it. I already put throw up pails beside everyone's bed. I have done 2 loads of just stuffed animals...

Here's to you having a fabulous evening!


Vanessa said...

Oh I just loved this post. you are so funny! I need to read up on your blog more real. So funny. Love it.

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