Thursday, March 3, 2011

Library Talk Back

I love to read, so naturally I love the library.  My local library has been my friend for many years.  And Scoobs who is a lover of bedtime stories has also grown quite attached to our trips to the library which really thrills the geek in me.

Thus far, we have somehow managed to not completely disrupt the whispered hush which accompanies every library.  Unfortunately this morning, that girl with the screaming kid?  It was me.  And not the screaming 'oh look at that cute baby' kind of kid, but the actual back-talking, disrespectful, sour-mouthed, scene inducing 4-year-old kind of kid.

It was delightful.  Except that it wasn't.

I am not sure if it has been our 1 week of hibernation that turned his axis upside-down & inside-out, but clearly the boy that I took today was not my actual child.  No. no.  My child would never shout "No!" in my face repeatedly with balled up fists, squinted eyes & clenched teeth.  Nor would he slam a movie with a loud, "thwap" onto the counter top, causing every librarian in the city to look up in alarm.  He would also never find himself in a ball of tears on the floor, weeping & wailing as his mother tries to check out, just one more item.

No.  Never.

And all this commotion was because I asked him which of the Boxcar books he wanted to check out.  Radio Mystery? or Pet Shop Mystery?  His 4-year-old reply?  "Neither, because they are both stupid."

Um.  Excuse me?

Who are you? And what did you do with my child?  Really.  This is totally uncharacteristic.

Needless to say, that response did not go over well with me.  And so he lost his privilege of checking out a movie annnnd, needless to say, that did not go over well with him.

As the scene played out, I actually started to laugh {when he wasn't looking}, which I think surprised the moms in the front row seats.  But really?  What else is there to do.  It was a stand off & he was beyond reason & frankly, I'm glad to know he's got some fight in him & those little balled up fists were kind of cute.

Kind of.

Until he kept up this back talking business all day.


Glad to be feeling better, but not glad to have a back talker.

Hopefully tomorrow yields more play time & less back talk.

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Anonymous said...

Did he jump really high and land on his knees? Now that would have been classic.

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