Friday, March 25, 2011

Much Better.

Was that picture of the Lady bugging you as much as it was bugging me? I mean really?  I couldn't bear to see it one more time.

Working on some baptism announcements for this little peanut & loving them!  Mad-dizzle as I like to call her is like magic in front of the camera.  Every single one of her pictures is darling.  The blue eyes & freckles don't hurt either.  I think it might be my favorite shoot so far...which is saying something.  To see more...go here.

And tomorrow, believe it or not, my sister is trusting me to step BEHIND the camera to take her family pictures.  I know after that last picture I posted you are probably shocked.  I am too.  But I am excited to pretend like I am a photographer tomorrow & hopefully hopefully we catch something amazing for the girl that always captures us.

until then...xoxo.

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