Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Lady Edition

This little lady had herself a birthday & I can't hardly believe she is two.  Since she doesn't get too much face time here & since she has been extra are some funny, annoying, & silly things she does.
 Last year on her birthday she cried when we handed her a cupcake.  No real surprise there.  This year, she also spent plenty of her day in crying antics, but not towards the cupcake, which we will most definitely count as progress.

And while you probably think I give her a hard time too often, you should know that she is a tough little cookie.  When we left her with my parents for the weekend my mom was only too happy to return her with the comment of, " she always just at you?"  Um yes.  Yes she is.  And sometimes it is wearing, but lots of time it is cute too.

She wants to be & see & do exactly what I am doing.  If I am brushing my teeth, well then so is she.  If I am cooking dinner, she thinks she should too.  It is a little nerve wracking just how much she mimics me & plants herself right with me.  So yes, she keeps me on my toes.

And as she has grown, her personality has started to shine in new ways.  A few things I love:

When she wants her blanket, she will not only find hers, but also Scoobs & make sure he has his as well.  This is the same for sippys & snacks.  She is quick to help him, when it should probably be the other way around.

She has this little whimper that includes a pouty lip, 1 tear on her cheek & puppy dog eyes.  She usually gets what she wants after that.

She likes to be snuggled & can sing rock-a-bye baby & ring-around-the-rosies.

Like I said before she would like to be within 6 inches of me at all times, especially when she is watching a show...which is really when I want to be cooking dinner, showering, cleaning know doing SOMETHING!  But when I do oblige her, she will notice that she has a blanket, Scoobs has a blanket, but I don't.  So she marches herself to the blanket cabinet & brings me one.

When she wakes up in the morning, she does not cutely babble.  She screeches a shrill screech "MOM!" again & again.  A part of me loves it.  A part of me wishes she would just cutely babble.  I could lay in bed longer listening to the babble.  The screech calls me to action faster.  So you can guess who has whose number in this relationship.

She is potty trained & there is nothing cuter than princess panties on toddler bums.  Nothing.  I'd show you a picture, but TMI, right?

She is over-the-top sensitive.  Which I admit is hard for me, because, well I'm not.  When I discipline her I cannot just give it to her straight.  I have to use a nice flowery voice & package it up all nice with a bow.  I guess 50% really is presentation.  And while I love this about her, I've been working with her to get over the 'minor' things a bit quicker and...

She is starting to show some independence.  She will defend herself against her brother & of late, she has not been quite as dramatic about getting hurt.  Really...6 months ago, you could look at her crossed-eyed & she'd melt into tears, with a nice big pouty lip.  We'd sometimes do it, just to laugh {okay...not really.  but sometimes.}  I know she has plenty of fight in there to balance out the sensitivity it is just teaching her the ins & outs of it.  I have been so thrilled to see her jump up after a minor bump -- even when I go to console her & rejoin the play.

And she is learning what it is & how to be 'cute.'  And it usually works.
She has all these little girl cousins {who are older than her} wrapped around her pinky.  They adore her & were so very excited to celebrate with her.

As was I.  She is my little buddy & I love it.  She makes me laugh every. single. day.  I hope when she's 14 she still thinks I'm this cool.

love you little miss lady.

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Rachelle @ Adventures in Creating said...

What a cutie! Our son's 2nd birthday is coming up soon- I can't wait for him to dig in to the cake!

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