Wednesday, June 29, 2011

2011: Choosing Happiness

A few things that have made me no particular order:

~ The Lady has graduated to a toddler bed.  Scoobs has taken this as a huge accomplishment & he jumps in to help at bedtime & naptime everyday.  His role?  Just as soon as she is laying down he is by her side singing, "I am a Child of God." 

~ The Lady loves her toddler bed & so do I.  I can tell her to go get in bed & believe or not...she does!

~ Hardwork.  This past week the kids & I have been projecting.  And by projecting I mean about 4 different 'big' projects at once.  I am bone tired every night & it feels good.  Not to mention the progress that is being made.

~ Evening swims.  Capping off long days of hard work with an evening swim is just perfect.

~ Flowers.  Yes I am crazy & yes I have recently planted flowers in 115 degree heat.  So what.  I like them.

And now?  I am off to play games with Scoobs. 

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