Thursday, June 2, 2011

Class of 2011: My 2nd Favorite Graduate.

Well since we're keeping my 2nd favorite graduate: Beau.  Could he be any cuter? Probably not. And is it lame that I am jealous of an 18-year-old boy's hair?  Probably.  Kevin & Beau are like peanut butter & jelly...they just go together.  Beau has become a part of our family -- even braving the whole fam damily vacation in July with us & all our kids {11 kids to be exact}.  He & Kevin keep things interesting & keep us laughing.  I'm not sure what I am going to do on our beach trip without the two of them.  When I am with them, it is perfectly okay to launch water balloons off the roof at beach goers...without them?  Not so much.  I also love Beau because he can 'girl talk.'  When Kevin won't spill the beans, we can usually count on Beau to fill us in.

We love him.  Kev & Beau do everything together & again, I am secretly, or not-so-secretly jealous of their upcoming college years.  They are spoiled rotten & know how to have fun being spoiled rotten.  You can't help but love them.
Congrats Beau.  Love ya.

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