Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My New Mothering Motto:

Check yourself...before you wreck yourself.

I particularly like saying this when Scoobs is yelling that I'm "mean!" for not letting him have '1 more scoop of cookie dough.'  Did he not notice that {1} I am making him cookies & {2} that I already let him have ample cookie dough?!?

Or when the Lady is withering on the floor in full fit fanatics because...well, actually I'm not sure why, but probably something really horrible happened to her.  Like...she wanted to get out 1 more sippy cup for the day, because the 5 in front of her is NOT enough.  Yeah...something like that.

Or when the eye rolling sets in, when heaven forbid, I ask someone to pick up something & put it somewhere.  Last I checked, most of those somethings were theirs! 

Anyway, just thought you might want to try it out.  It is really fun to say when you pretend you are ghetto & fabulous at the same time.  I call it disciplining with a smile.

Ask my kids in a couple years...I'm sure they will have a different story, but whatevs.

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