Thursday, October 27, 2011

Just Found This.

I was going through some pictures {trying to find an old card for my etsy shop} and I stumbled on this little gem. I'm not sure why it is edited like this, or cropped like this, but I like it. I knew immediately that we were on the coast, but I could not recall which year it was. I tried looking at my shirt & my hair, but it didn't drum up the know, like looking at the date stamp did. It was the summer after the Lady was born. We typically hit up Cold Stone at the end of our week, so I'm wondering why I don't look more haggard because I do recall that was a tough trip for me. The Lady was only 10 weeks old & the bone tiredness had set in. And oh yeah, she cried the whole time. ew. Just thinking about it sends shivers up my spine...especially compared to this last year {which was dreamsicle} But looking at this picture, I'd have thought it was any year but that year.

Sometimes, I think our minds play tricks on us.  Do we always remember events exactly as they were, or do we remember it how we wanted it to be, or expected it to be, or just the pain of it?  I feel like I remember the sleepless nights really well {maybe because they are still happening?} but forget the Cold Stone trips, the late night snuggles & the laugh out loud moments.  Sometimes it is probably just better to forget all the crap & remember the Cold Stone moments that were great.  I need to do that more often.

Plus my mom...she's really fun.

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