Friday, November 18, 2011

Christmas Cards 2011: Damask

I realize the above picture has a gray line & a blue line in it -- that is not part of the design but a blogger frustration that I can't spend time remedying right this very moment! 

Not much time for commentary today...the Christmas season is fully upon me & I realize there is Thanksgiving in there too, which is another thing...the menu!  Oh...and it is wedding season again.  Can't wait to show you due time.  Sleep a couple extra hours for me tonight?  please?

You should know I love it.

And you should know my sister & friend produced the most beautiful family pictures I have ever seen.  Really.  I about cried & my friend actually did.  I cannot wait for her cards.  I will not post any here, but you might know where to look for them.

Sleep an extra hour for me tonight will you?  And pray my sore throat doesn't get any worse...

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