Friday, December 30, 2011

Baby Talk: The Lady Edition.

I am about to enter my last trimester & I can't hardly believe it.  Did you forget number 3 was well on his way?  Sometimes I do {except not really since he has been protruding from day 1}.  Sometimes I forget that it is going to turn our little world upside down -- this girl's most especially.  She has been the baby for almost 3 years & somehow, I think, she always will be the baby.  But then there are days, when she seems older than her this day.  She dressed herself...well I helped her get it on, but she chose each & every component.  Then she chose her animal of choice to accompany us for the day & we were off.  Three mornings a week it is just her & I.  It is in these moments when I realize she is growing up!  She walks most everywhere & needs little reminder to stay close.  And maybe that is why she will always be the baby.  Her brother was always off.  Off to play, explore & discover.  Off looking for another adventure.  Most days start with him asking, "So mom, what are we going to do today?"  She is not off looking for adventure.  Quite the opposite.  She likes to keep close & for that I think I will always be grateful.  I'm grateful for the heck she put me through as a newborn & for the little girl she's become...for as difficult a baby she was, she is as easy a toddler.  I'm grateful to have her sandwiched between these 2 boys.  Heaven knows I will need some girl between them if #3 is anything like #1...all boy.  And what I am most excited for these boys to find out is that sisters are the perfect best friend.

More thoughts on that well as my unedited thoughts on maternity ware...really unedited.

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