Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Custom Wedding Invitations

 I was so excited to get the call for Regan's wedding.  There is nothing better than working on an invite for someone you know & love.  Regan grew up next door to me, so I remember her best as a little girl with ponytails & bows.  The bows eventually went away, but the ponytails stayed...as she went back & forth from school to soccer practice.  Soccer is & was her life...junior high, high school, college, she's playing.  I loved flipping through all her engagement pictures because she is so incredibly beautiful & photogenic.  Shot after shot, I was stunned.  I was used to seeing her in her soccer gear & there she was all grown up & getting married.  Her husband plays baseball for the same college & I hear the calendaring for their wedding was a bit of a nightmare due to game & practice schedules between the two of them.  They managed to find days that worked & I was so glad to be part of the festivities.  Congrats Regan!

And onto the invitations: 

Regan was easy to please - She liked clean lines & a modern layout, so we layered our typefaces & added some script to keep it feminine, but still simple.

love the gray & orange! 

These were 5x7 & printed on Fine Art Linen paper.  

To see her bridal shower invitation, go here.

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Anonymous said...

Loved these. And you are right her pics were amazing. Beautiful girl.

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