Friday, March 2, 2012

Pregnancy Update

Exactly 5 weeks left.  In case you were counting.  Funny how at the beginning I wasn't keeping track of a thing...and now, well I might be able to tell you down to the second when this boy should be here.

Good news:  I'm finally starting to feel better {knock on wood}.  I have had a cough/cold/flu for literally the last month.  No joke.  I am on my 3rd antibiotic & I think this one is actually working.  Lets all cross our fingers that the feeling of today sticks.  Because last night I felt like crap.

More good news:  My liver 'problem' is now normal.  Meaning all my blood tests now come back in the normal range.

Bad News: Now that my levels are normal, there is smaller & smaller chance I might get this baby out sooner as opposed to later.  dang.  While I am glad my levels are normal...a week earlier was starting to sound mighty fine.

Bad News:  Even though my levels are normal, I still get to have weekly 2 hour doctor appointments.

Good News: These appointments always include an ultra sound, which is crazy this far along.  Have you ever had an ultra sound at 33 weeks?  It is bizarre when they move & you can feel it & see it on the screen at the same time.  Actually makes me a little nauseous.

Just News:  At my 32nd week ultra sound they took measurements of the baby & he is measuring closer to 35 weeks.  So if you happen to see me & think, 'crap, that girl is huge' it's ALL the baby's fault...not the multiple cinnamon rolls I ate today.

Funny News:  We live 300 feet from a relatively busy street & 2 days ago Scoob's basketball went rolling & rolling {aided by the wind} right towards this busy street.  Scoobs looked at me with pleading in his eyes to please save his basketball.  I kept waiting for it to stop, but alas, it kept going.  So I hoisted my coughing self up from my place of leisure & literally ran like the dickens to save his basketball.  It was about rush hour so there was a good amount of traffic.  I had to run halfway across the street to to retrieve said basketball...all while carrying my own 25 pound basketball on my front side.  If it weren't so funny, I'd've cried.  If you happened to have seen're welcome.

Good News:  After chasing down a basketball...I learned I've still got some serious moves in this awkwardly pregnant body.

More Funny News:  Since I was feeling a tad bit better today, I decided to mow & edge my lawn...a pastime I find very relaxing.  My neighbors have learned not to question my sanity {I almost passed out doing this when I was pregnant with the Lady...another story for another day}, but if you happened to see it, you're welcome again.  Because, it was awkward!  Try pull starting anything when you are 33 weeks.  It's funny.  But I will tell you...there is something so very satisfying about a just cut lawn. gets me every time.  And heck...maybe, just maybe all this running & lawn mowing will jump start this 35 week measuring baby into making an early appearance?!?  please.  I hope so.

Until then, feel free to stop by & see the belly.  It's impressive & gaining in girth daily.


BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Thanks for sharing the visual!! Glad to hear everything is back to normal. I feel for you - those last few weeks seem to drag!

Natalie said...

uhh...girth. 'i don't know what girth means.' (brian regan)

Amy Klepser said...

Hi Amy, I'm loving following your pregnancy, wishing you all the best!

And, I awarded you the Liebster Blog award today! Please stop by my blog to check it out. Thanks!

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