Friday, March 9, 2012

Pinterest Keepers.

If you are anything like me, Pinterest has you wanting to eat like a cow & exercise like a maniac.  Actually, in my case, it just has me wanting to eat like a cow, since exercise isn't really in my vocabulary for 4 more weeks...okay, more than that, but let's pretend I am going to have this baby & exercise my way out the door.  I can dream big, right?

Anyway, shortly after I found out I was anemic, I decided my diet could use some help.  Cooking dinner was really out of the question.  Or cooking something big or overwhelming...I was and am usually about spent by dinner & the weather here is so nice right now, I'd rather let my kids run wild out front with their friends until the very last possible moment.  But lunch.  Lunch was going to be my meal.  And this was first up for taste test.

Do you always walk by the tortellini at the store & think, 'I wish I had a great recipe for that?'  I do & now I do have a great recipe for it.

Check it out on Elizabeth's blog.

I made this & devoured it with 2 great girlfriends & then had the pleasure of having my new iron pills make me over the top sick that night & so I experienced this salad both ways.

And yet, I will make it again.

So, that is a testament to it's goodness, right?

Plus, the dressing has sour cream in it.  Can't go wrong with that.

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