Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Final Family Swim

If there is one thing you should know about my family it is this:  We swim a lot.

What can I say.  It is hot.  My parent’s pool is fantastic.  So we use it.  A lot.

Yesterday was our final family swim with Kevin.  He leaves for his mission tomorrow and I find myself typing through tear filled eyes.  Actually I find myself doing a lot of things through tear filled eyes.

The whole experience has been a bit of an out-of-body one for me.  We all knew the day was coming & yet it has managed to sneak up on me.  I’m thrilled for this new chapter for him & yet terrified as well.  It is a rubber band of emotions snapping hard & fast in each direction.

Last night we were watching the OKC vs SA playoff game & he commented that we’d have to let him know who won the series.  ouch.  It didn’t dawn on me that he would leave before that was over & it stung a bit.

Then we were talking with Scoobs about how old he was going to be when Kevin got home {7} and that Mister would be 2.  Two didn’t seem so far away on him & I might have found myself thinking, ‘crap, I’ll still have a baby of sorts’ when he gets home.

And last night, it seemed everything was marked with a ‘last’ in front of it.  The last time he’d throw me in the pool.  The last time we’d make up stupid tricks to try to accomplish.  The last water basketball game.  The last king of the raft.  The last Rosa’s run.  The last time he’d throw Scoobs in again & again & again & yes, again.

And it kind of started to feel like a funeral in my head & it’s not.  But dang.  This mission stuff is hard.

More lasts to happen tonight.

I just hope I can last.


BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Thinking of you and praying for Kevin and his mission.

Amberly said...

the swim party you are going to have in two years is going to be awesome. kev will be soft, Z will push him around, the lady will strut her stuff, the mister will wonder who kevin is and chances are you won't be prego! it will be an awesome two years... let's just make it through tomorrow! love you!!

Anthony said...

i love amberly's comment! and i love your wording in your post too!

i know this is hard. i'm not looking forward to experiencing the heart-tugging feelings associated with saying goodbye to a missionary. (i've got 4 boys too)

you guys have already been in my prayers!

Anthony said...

its me, nat.

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