Monday, March 30, 2009

Wedding Season is Upon Us...

I love wedding season. I believe it is because I am (1) already married, thus not still in the "looking" phase wondering if I would or would not be married and (2) because I am not required to plan a wedding...meaning I am not a current bride, mother-of-the-bride, bridesmaid or anything of the like.

I love wedding season because of the invitations that result. The parties & celebrations that must be announced. The paper choices, the colors, the themes...all of it. I love it.
I was given free reign on this invitation, which is another thing I love: self indulgence. I grew up with Breck & she is now marrying my best friend's little brother. How awesome is that? They are cute, young, in love & have got the world by the tail.

congrats you two!

PS. I have to thank Jaime R. {a client} for turning me onto the script font used on these. She specifically requested it for her blog banner. It is called Fling & frankly I can't get enough of it! Thanks...a million times over.

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