Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Banner Desert Cancer Center

I had the opportunity to donate the design work on these invitations to benefit the Banner Desert Cancer Center. They were really fun to work on...my guidelines were something with a spring feeling & to incorporate butterflies. Easy enough. The gal I worked with on these was a cancer survivor herself and she told me they use the butterfly as the symbol of a cancer survivor and it makes all sorts of sense. She said cancer changes you & you morph into something more beautiful than what you started as through the process.

I hope their Spring Tea is a huge success. {For more info...go here.}


Dallas and Krista said...

Love these too! You are the best. I am hooked on ink'd :) Was that so cheesy? Whatever I don't care- I am!

Amberly said...

I'm loving the butterflies, and your new chatter banner, so darling!! makes me want an update... I know. feel free to groan.

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