Monday, June 8, 2009

A design...or 2

and loving it. These were for the wedding dinner of my friend's little brother who happened to marry a girl that grew up in the same ward {congregation, if you will} as myself. They are a super cute couple & I'm so glad they chose each other! I hear the wedding went off without a hitch this weekend...and my friend {who is 9 months pregs} now has permission to have her baby. So glad I've never had to be "in" a wedding while pregnant. You're a trooper Linds.

I did these grad announcements when Livs was, 1 week. This is my old boss's daughter & how could I say no to him? It used to be my job to say yes...even to the impossible. In fact, I got the call regarding them about 1 minute after exiting the operating room...seriously. I was wheeled out, held the babes for a second then they took her to clean her up. Scot & I were chatting about how it was lame my mom couldn't come in the recovery area when my phone rang. I assumed it was my mom {calling to tell me it was lame}, when Scot told me it was in fact my old boss. For some reason I couldn't resist answering it. His first question for me was if I had had the baby.

Funny he should ask.

He about died when I told him just how recently I had had her...but of course found the humor as well. I suppose it was the double spinal that had me so jolly.

Anyway, I just can't believe his daughter is graduated. High school doesn't seem like it was that long ago...but in fact it was. eek.

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