Monday, April 20, 2009

Same Idea...Two Concepts

Or should it be Same Concept...Two Ideas? Not certain, but either way I love the way these two turned out...
My friend called me to do these shower invites & promptly informed me they were for a girl with mad style. Great. No pressure, right? This was coming from a girl with her own mad style. sheesh. She said she wanted a cross between JCrew & least I knew what I was up against. Plus, the funny thing? She's the second client that has asked for that exact mix. You have to admit it conjures up an instant image of a particular look, right? My favorite thing? The color palette. Thanks Krista for supplying such good colors!

And in case you couldn't guess...I am a stinky photographer. My apologies.
Then my cousin called & needed Moving Announcements...I knew the exact color palette I wanted to use & hoped she'd be game.

And in case you were wondering...the big scripty's a new fave called Honey Bunches. Go find it & enjoy!

1 comment:

Ashlee said...

These look fantastic! I can't wait until you are famous and I will say...I knew her when...!

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