Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Suns Post.

Every year I have a rant. Okay, that should definitely be plural. But at least one, if not more is dedicated in its entirety to the Suns.

And so it is that time...again.

I haven't had much to say all year about them because {and I can't believe I am admitting it publicly} I did not follow their regular season this year.

After last year's complete disaster & having a difficult babes, I just gave it up. About 6 weeks ago, I decided to 'check in' with see if I needed to get polished up for the playoffs. I didn't check standings. I didn't talk to others about it. I just tuned it.

Unfortunately I happened to tune into the Suns/Jazz game where the Jazz won by like 40 points. It was dismal & I was recommitted to my idea of just not getting emotionally involved.

And then I talked to my brother, Kevin. He was pumped. He was me hi-lights to check out on YouTube. And he was promising me that with our current standings we would not have to face the Spurs in the Playoffs, because, well that was my argument. I told him that was all fine & good ranked 2 or 3 headed into the playoffs, but what happens when inevitably we make the playoffs & match up against the Spurs, even if they are ranked 8th...all this emotional involvement, just to be left broken hearted & upset {because, really, after 20+ years, it gets that way} when they kick your butt...again.

But he was convincing & after YouTubing some hi-lights, I was committed.

We made it through Portland & I was catching the vision. Could this really be a different Suns team? Could they really play some D when they needed to? Could they manage the clock at the end of the game? Could the bench really give the starters some down time? Could this be the year?

It is strange how quickly you can go from not watching to questioning if 'this is the year.'

And while we still haven't beaten the Spurs...I like our odds, like alot.

Mind you, the first 3 quarters make me sick...especially with last night's first quarter performance, but all is well that ends well. And when you can beat them shooting under 40% and they are shooting well over 50%...those are some dang good odds. And when Jared Dudley stands out more in your mind than Stat at the end of the game, even when he had a double double, that is good. very good.

And so, here we go again...Suns fever.

A few hi-lights from the game...
can you see them in their green celtics shirts & their 'dark knight' sign? They were there jumping around all night...cheering for the Celtics. For whatever reason, it was funny. Really funny.

Go Suns...please please please just beat the Spurs.

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Amberly said...

I'm with you. hesitantly hopeful. but why is this on this blog?

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