Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wedding Perfection.

This weekend I am going to their wedding & I can't hardly wait. They are so cute & so in love. McKenzie is the most gracious & exquisite bride. Really, she is breathtaking.
Believe it or not, I used to babysit her! I cannot believe she is getting married. It makes me feel old! It was so fun to work with my ever-talented photographer sister to do McKenzie's bridals, engagements & invites. My sister really does all the photography work, but I like to tag along to all the photo shoots as a self-appointed assistant of some sort who really just sits around & admires.

Here are the final invites... {i really need to have my sister photograph these...i'm a lame photographer!}

They decided on a square tri-fold invite on what I refer to as 'watercolor' paper, but really it is called felt paper. It has a texture to it, but is not uniform, like a linen paper would be.

When you lift the front flap, you see the wedding invite along with a square picture. Isn't the sign to die for? Love it.

When you fold that square picture out, you have a long vertical picture of the happy couple.

And we did a simple back with a few other wedding details listed.

They had a few inserts as well, we did these square & just carried the same theme over to them.

All in all I loved how they turned out. I am always a nervous wreck until the finished product is in my hand!

Can't wait to see it all come together this weekend...good luck kenz!

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