Monday, June 21, 2010


continuing in project mode...this one kept me busy for awhile. i started first with the hutch.


and spray painted...

and spray painted some more.

i think i went through 8 bottles of spray paint on just the hutch. it was so so so bothersome, but it would not cover the white primer. even more bothersome, was i didn't love the turn out of the color.

so i re sanded it and went to the depot to choose my perfect blue. i took scoobs pillow shams along so i wouldn't be confused once i got there and was faced with 481 'navy' blues. how can there really be that many? regardless, my little trick worked. i picked the blue in under 2 minutes {don't tell my mom...she would like that decision to be agonized over for 2 days}.

then i painted again. and sealed it with a polyurethane & moved it back in. i have hardware that needs to be added, but that is scot's job.

i've had a few people ask how to do it & there are so many ways.

sometimes i sand, sometimes i don't. sometimes i prime, sometimes i don't. sometimes i spray paint and sometimes i use a roller.

the main thing is this: just do it.

if it is a piece of furniture you dislike enough to want to refinish who cares if you make a few mistakes along the way? i mean, i refinished this hutch twice because i didn't like it the first time.

and another takes time. i started the hutch 4 months ago. finished it the first time 2 months ago & then the dresser & hutch took me about 5-7 days of working on it...because the 'unfinishedness' of things was bugging me. but that being said, i worked about an hour, maybe two each day during the lady's morning nap and within a week it was done.

but here is my formula for the dresser...i didn't screw this one up first.

1. sand. i use an electric sander that i've borrowed from my sister. i sand it with a grittier sand paper first. and i don't sand until all the finish is off...i just do a general sand to rough it up a bit, so the paint sticks better.

2. paint. i bought a gallon of paint {usually you don't need this much, but there is another dresser i need to do & i thought i might use some of the color on his walls down the road} & i use a little foam roller. make sure your roller is foam...the other ones leave little fibers in your paint. this dresser took about 3 coats & there was no sanding between coats...if you spray paint you typically have to sand between coats with a very fine grained paper.

3. coat with polyurethane. i use a low shimmer one, but for sure use it on everyday use furniture, or stuff you glaze. it makes it so you can wipe it down easy & i like the bit of gloss it adds. you have to use a paint brush specific for oil based material...just ask the paint department & they will hook you up.

then move it in your house & enjoy...even with the few inevitable mistakes you made! no one knows they are there but you. in fact, look at scoobs dresser & see if you can see mine.


Natalie said...

so fun! i love projects! i can't see any mistakes!

Dallas and Krista said...

Looks FAB!

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