Friday, June 18, 2010


my house is in complete disarray. the floors are in need of a serious vacuum & mop. sheets need changing & beds need making. but I have been busy.


i finished this little end table about a month ago & we have been going ever since.

a dresser & hutch was refinished in scoobs coming soon. i love it.

and a serious photo wall with all the family pictures that my sister took, which if you'll notice is missing a big canvas of the family picture. but it hasn't gotten here yet, and i was too antsy with all these cute prints & frames staring me in the face. so we hung it anyway.

and in order to finish that, i had to finish this:

which has been sitting in my laundry room {with 2 others} unfinished & directionless for 6 months. i think scot has taken the liberty of commenting on them being unfinished 892 times.

so now, i am happy to say, 1 of the 3 is finished. and i think i will finish the other 2 this weekend.

i wish i had a before pic of the frame, because it was just home depot wood. which i realize isn't a brand of wood, but you get the idea right? it wasn't hang-able until i fancied it up.

first i was just going to paint them all i could have big black squares hanging on my wall??? yeah, not my brightest idea.

then my creative sister saw mine, ordered 2 of her own, finished them in 2 seconds, hung them on her wall & they looked awesome. while mine still collected dust. so 3 months later, i copied her.

what would we do without sisters?!?

oh yeah, she told me where & how to hang all these pictures & then measured & hammered the nails & hung all the pictures too.

see? sisters are the best.

and maybe summer is just what i needed to lock me indoors & finish all this stuff.

more coming soon.


Chante said...

You need to tell me you and your sisters secret on what you did to the frame! Is it scrapbooking paper? Give me details pretty please!

Summers Camp said...

Love the table. And the pictures! Lindsay is amazing, I agree. So, with the heat here in full force, where do you do all your projects?! I have so much projecting to do of my own, but the idea of sweating it out is not so fun. *B

Jenna Lee said...

the pictures look so cute hanging on your wall...and I love the one you made, you did a great job!!

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