Friday, June 4, 2010


yesterday my friends & i spent our day pulling off this shin-dig {which was oh so fun}...

you know what the best friends are? the ones who will shoulder the joys of a baby shower & will head up the food & you move on & don't worry another wink about it. yes. those are the best....and not only do they pull it off, they make bakerella's cupcake pops that look like baby chicks {look closely}. that is a labor of love.
and the drinks? to die for this is before we iced them up. thanks're a gem!

it will take me a day or two to actually compile all the pics, but i will post them soon.

today, i am having a post party hangover. so while my counters are littered with serving platters, paper products, table linens & all sorts of other party essentials.

we are doing a lot of this..
and keeping close tabs on these guys...

late yesterday the other egg hatched. we got to see the little babes chirping away, looking for some food. i have yet to see the hopefully they are getting something!

1 comment:

Jenna Lee said...

cute, cute, cute!! It turned out so cute!! You guys did a great job!!

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