Monday, June 7, 2010

Family Pics.

My sister has done it again. She has cropped & straightened, moved heads & fixed hair...among a million other edits. She is a miracle worker &
I couldn't be happier!
Is that not 100% him? Man, I am so happy she captured that. I love all his boyishness.
And that? That is the lady. All the way. Her tongue out, curls propped on her ears & a slight sense of hesitation in her eyes. That is her.
Now do you see why I was sad I cut my hair? I sat & looked at these pictures for hours to determine what was going to be ordered & was sad sad sad. But the good news is? I am starting to find my short hair spunk.

On another note, my abs were sore the day after we did these bike pictures. Yes, that would be me in the loser category. Who gets sore abs after 10 minutes of riding on the handles of a bike? Um, apparently me. Note to self: Do more crunches {or do some period}.
And this? I just about died when I saw this. How cute is that little gent?
And for the record, the Lady now prefers her dad to anyone. If he is around, she wants absolutely nothing to do with me. I'm not sure who is more or Scot. Regardless, it is pretty dang cute to see her eyes light up when he walks through the door.

My prints should be here this week...
and my sister will be arranging & hanging the moment they arrive.
Thanks Linds!

To see more truck pics, go here.

1 comment:

Dallas and Krista said...

LOVE them!!!!!!! Seriously, Love.

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