Saturday, July 3, 2010

Beaching It.

We spent last week living it up at the beach. Needless to say, we are spoiled rotten with Scot's parents living minutes from the water. And while the weather was still a little chilly, we loved being away from excessive heat warnings and the like.

Z was of course in hog heaven. He is at the perfect beach age. He is old enough to get in the water, play in the sand & I don't have to be watching right over him.

The lady on the other hand would charge head first into the water...just like she does in the pool. Scot & I were laughing at this picture, because while it looks like she is laughing in pure delight, she is actually ticked that I am holding her hand. go ahead...just call her little miss independence.

Z had to be buried a time or two...

and the lady discovered doritos.

at least they kept her busy for 3 minutes.

then she was back getting into trouble.

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