Saturday, July 3, 2010

To Be or Not to Be.

Today I tried to do a gainer off the diving board in my parents pool.

It has been hot and we have been doing our fair share as well as your fair share of swimming. And when we do that much swimming, tricks start coming into play.

So the gainer. My brother decided to do one yesterday. My little brother, who is bigger, more athletic & mentally tougher than me, which should have just squashed my desires to trick in the same categories as he. But not to be out done, I decided I should do one as well. I mean what does 11 years & 2 kids really change?

Um. A lot.

Or maybe I've just always been a wus.

Yes, that's it. I've always been a wus.

So 139 tries later, I still can't do it.

I can do lots of really cool halfway gainers that include loud screams & outbursts of 'oh crap!' though. I can also do a front flip, a cannon ball, a back flip & I could probably still cartwheel off too, but no gainer.

Do you even know what a gainer is? I might not even be spelling it right. But a gainer is when you face forward jumping off & then do a back know like you might do on a trampoline. Of which I have no problem doing...which just furthers the frustration.

To add insult to injury {except that I am not insulted or injured} my brother started doing his gainers off ledges surrounding the pool {hello! no spring there!} as well as doing them & landing on rafts & various other pool paraphernalia.

All while I sit here with zero satisfaction & sore shoulders.

Sore shoulders & all...I'm going to go practice on the trampoline so come Monday's pool bash I am ready.

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