Monday, August 16, 2010

Culinary Genius.

That would be me...and by culinary genius I merely mean that dinner has been cooked, prepared & enjoyed on a very regular basis this past month. So here I am barefoot & in my kitchen. Not barefoot & pregnant, but barefoot & in the polka dot apron Scot brought home from Spain.

and frankly, while I used to detest the dinner hour, I am happy to say I have enjoyed it. And that isn't to say everyone is always happy during the fact, they usually aren't. The lady typically empties every cabinet at her disposal & hangs on my legs. And Scot usually isn't home for dinner. And my kids usually won't eat what I prepare.

So...why do I enjoy it? not sure. But I will say this. It is one more thing I have added back to my 'can do' list since the lady has been born. And I know that sounds lame as she is over a year old. But let me remind you...she was connected to my hip until she was 1 year old, which left little room for boiling water & sizzling dinners.

but now? we turn the ipod on. cook our dinner & pretend like our floor isn't littered with every dish known to mankind. and when dinner is all cooked, we zap some nuggets for the extra picky eaters that don't like this, or are allergic to that & call it good.

and it feels good.

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Chante said...

So funny, because I am still at the hate cooking stage and when I do cook a meal, you are right, my husband usually isn't home in time for it and my kiddos barely eat any of it....and I am exhausted. Thanks for the encouragement that I am not alone and thank goodness I love food so much or else I would not cook!!

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