Monday, August 16, 2010

eat. pray. love.

mine probably goes something more like eat. clean. repeat. but eat. pray. love. sounds so much more romantic & lovely so we'll stick with that.

i had the chance to see this on friday night with my sil & first, let me say i am really glad i didn't make scot sit through it...even i got a little antsy. but that being said the movie is great. probably not one to own, but maybe to redbox when it comes out on dvd.

my frame of mind when i entered the theatre was a bit clouded. frankly, i was on the verge of a mental breakdown...which admittingly, happen with astonishing regularity during these hot end of summer days where i am trapped in my house with two munchkins & a husband that works all sorts of crazy hours.

i start to this it? is this what i wanted? is this what i signed up for?

and startling enough the answer is both yes. and no. to all of the above.

i was having a moment. a moment where i longed for something more than what i was living. longing for that freedom of youth & independence. a freedom that was not hampered by hot weather, nap times & feeding schedules. a moment where i was alone to explore & take as much time as i wanted without interruption.

i'm sure you never feel this way, right?

so that was my frame of mind upon entering the theatre.

and this one did not disappoint while in that frame of mind. because you know what i realized {and continue to realize}? the moments i desire are totally within my control. and while some days i might feel like a i have a few more hurdles to cross in the form of munchkins, those munchkins really are what bring the moments to pass.

it is about embracing it.

and i need to embrace it some more.

i saw a quote recently by abraham lincoln that i loved. it goes like this:

"most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be."

so i'm going to go ahead and choose happiness.

wanna come?


Natalie said...

thanks amy. i needed that little pep talk. i can always count on you to brighten and lighten the load, whether through humorous reality or quotes from abe!

Chante said...

I so was in that little rut yesterday. I was the biggest beast looking around my house at the biggest messes my kids have made, a screaming child, work to do on the computer, and I just wanted out! I wanted to just run away....thank goodness for a little sleep and now I just have to start a new day and definitely try to think of the positive and control my attitude!

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