Tuesday, August 17, 2010

it must be love.

that's right. l.o.v.e.

the lady is finally old enough to play with scoobs. and not that he is really all that interested, because he so is not, she is all about big brother.

and frankly. it is to die for. and had we not been sick & stuck home in serious desert heat for what feels like the last 89 days {really, 5 full days? torture} i might have appreciated these moments more when they were actually happening, but really i was just glad for the distraction of the camera.

what? it's true.

when her wanna be partner in crime {because remember, he ain't too interested in playing with her 95% of the time} is away {mowing the lawn with dad}, she is pulling, crawling & climbing to be where he is. doing what he is doing. and like any good girl, vying for his attention.

but when she does finally snag his eye & he returns her affection in the form of a wave, silly face, or the ultimate: a hug. she is over the moon with excitement.

and what's not to love about that?

1 comment:

Julie said...

So sweet. It makes me think of my big brothers who I still just adore. One day Scoobs will return the affection (and not just because of her cute friends. . . )

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