Tuesday, August 31, 2010

the itsy bitsy spider

wasn't so itsy bitty & scared the daylights out of me this morning.

scoobs was up at the crack of dawn this morning & requested we play outside. i had a few bushes that needed trimming, the lady was asleep & it was relatively cool {which translates to 85 degrees...really, it was early peeps}.

so i obliged.

after my trimming i went over to the side yard to retrieve our garbage can. upon opening the gate i was greeted with this:

seriously, the web was HUGE. it went from the garbage can all the way across the side yard & attached to the house. probably a good 5 feet across. even more freaky {than my gross side yard} it happened in less than 3 days.

i, of course, had to grab my camera before making scot dispose of the poor guy. good thing it was early enough that he was still home!

ps. the bug man has an appointment at my house pronto!


Karen said...

Amy it was good to see you today, your kids are so cute.

Julie said...

Thanks for the nightmares!

Natalie said...

what the ????

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