Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shake it off.

My legs are so sore I want to cry. I went to the gym yesterday for a weights class & crap I am out of shape. Today Scoobs was sitting by me on the floor when he jammed his boney little elbow right into my quad. I squealed, "Ow!" and pushed him off. Only to have him look at me & say, "Shake it off, mom."

I guess I need to take my own advice & not be a wimp. But you all know how that hurts when you are sore? Or are you all in shape and have no idea of what I am talking about?

Anyway, that got me to thinking about how I am not very sympathetic when my kids get hurt. I am always of the 'shake it off' approach, but sometimes, I suppose it really does hurt & maybe I should be a little more understanding.

A couple days ago, I got bit by an ant. When was the last time you got bit by an ant? Yeah...I can't remember either. And you know what else I couldn't bad it hurt. Granted, after one minute the pain was gone, but in that one minute I thought my leg was on fire & I asked my mom for calamine lotion...okay I was kind of kidding, but kind of not. She promptly told me I was being a wimp & to get over it.

I guess the apple doesn't fall from the tree.

And for the record, I think I like the 'shake it off' approach. I mean, we are all going to get hurt over & over again in this life, right? We are going to get hurt physically & maybe worse, emotionally & spiritually & I suppose the sooner we can learn to shake it off & move on the better, right?

Or wrong?

No I'm sure. Right.


Natalie said...

what time did you go? i went to the 5:15am class. were you there? try coming to it next tuesday...yes?

Julie said...

My kids that are wussy got it from their dad. My kids that are tough got it from me (I was raised to shake it off but Ryan was probably given an ice pack, cold drink, warm blanket, cartoon turned on, and a treat when he hurt himself) :)

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